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A-Rod Outing Good for Baseball

Posted by athomeatfenway on February 10, 2009

Reporter Roberts outed A-Rod

Reporter Roberts outed A-Rod

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”  (Brandeis)

The biggest apple on the tree is a rotten.


Hardly anyone is surprised.  Look at the bulging neck, bustin’ biceps, and pants- poppin thighs that coincided with increased power numbers.


Young A-Rod had the potential to be a .350 hitter with 27 to 30 HR’s per year.


Now he is among the top 5 all-time producers of 50-HR seasons.


Never was believable.


Without Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts and David Epstein, we’d never be sure.  Hats off to them.


There are over 100 other lesser stars that are also steroid cheats.


Let’s hear who they are.


While TV’s talking heads rant about A-Rod’s stats and how unfair it would be to out the other cheaters, let’s give thanks that expediency has been served.


Turning in the big guy could be a productive step toward getting steroids out of the game permanently – if responsible people take action.


We have got to know the rest of those names.


The Commissioner & Union (on an opium jag) together could….

…call on S.I. & the Feds to expose the rest of the names

…amend the record book.

…receive $1 Million per team to develop an effective HGH test

…receive $ 1Million more per team to creative an ongoing PED test development fund

…let the BBWAA worry about who gets into the HOF.  Trust in them to keep out any tarnished qualifier including A-Rod, Clemens, McGwire, Sosa and Bonds.


Bob Hohler wrote the story in the Boston Globe about SI’s outing of A-Rod.


When I asked Bob what he thought of the MLB and the MLBPA potentially clearing the air, Bob replied that the Union is “more interested in protecting their stars than outing them.”


Bob Hohler is right.  Odds are that great efforts will be made to suppress the rest of the info.


The players would sue the Union for damages if they revealed the names.


And in truth, the Commissioner won’t lead the way either.  He won’t disrupt the money machine.


That leaves it to the Selena Roberts and David Epstein’s of this world.


Independent Journalism with significant readership can drive change.


We cannot count on guys like John Heyman to do the politically difficult work.


Nor can we rely on Sean Casey, Al Leiter – and all the rest sitting in front of the brand new cameras of MLB TV.


Peter Gammons at ESPN – can we count on you to drive the process?


Tom Verducci – reporting stalwart, craftsman  – can you turn on your new employer and speed the process ?


I hope someone will.


How about it, Selena & David ?












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