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Jose Canseco : The Tawdry & Titillating

Posted by athomeatfenway on November 8, 2009

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Jose Canseco’s reputation has rebounded since he was ridiculed for lying in his 2005 book titled, “Juiced”.   Not many believed his allegation that 85% of MLB players were juicers.

When the Mitchell Report came out in 2007, Canseco didn’t look unscrupulous anymore.  His next book, “Vindicated” soon was published.

But don’t confuse Jose Canseco with a do-gooder.

He’s a guy with a lot of bad habits, according to his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco, who penned, “JUICY, Confessions of a former Baseball wife”.  (Regan Books.  2005.  248 pages.)

His career total of  461 HR’s was wickedly inflated by winstrol and testosterone use.  He was married twice and a father twice, but he patronized a call girl service for years while married.  He was a hound.  He transmitted bacterial infections to loved ones through intercourse.  He loved to watch himself have sex.  He was pretty much self-obsessed 100% of the time, and constantly in search of sex.

He was her type.  Large.  Strong.  Handsome.

And he was making $5,000,000 per year as MLB’s highest paid player.

No surprise that Jessica Sekely found Jose’s looks and lifestyle intoxicating.  She loved his 20,000 square foot home, with pool and waterfall.  When he offered to let her use one of his cars, she took his Bentley.  Soon after meeting, he took her to the mall and bought her $4,000 in designer clothes.

Jessica, after describing much cheating, abandonment & abuse, says “the guy is an asshole, but the perks are good.”

Jessica is a middle class girl from Ohio who was on the high school track team.  Her Mom was a Nurse.  Her Dad was a businessman.  She was the middle child in a brood of 3 girls.

She had A.D.D..  She struggled at the local college.  She was not a terribly deep young person.

In 1993, at age 19, she got a waitress gig at Hooters.  On her third day of training, Canseco walked in.  He finessed his way into her station and got her phone number.

The rest is fast moving history.

After one lunch together, and an invitation for sex that Jessica declined, Canseco has his assistant arrange travel for Jessica to Boston, where Canseco’s Rangers were playing the Sox.

Just like that, the 19 year old blonde consented to running with Jose, and was soon doing it in Beantown with the Cuban bad boy.

What follows are 200 pages of everything being done Jose’s way.  Stay home when he wants.  Travel when he wants.  Sit by the pool alone when he wants.  Have sex as he wants.  Feed the baby cougar.  Pet the baby leopard.  Save the giant turtle from drowning in the pool.

The nature of the relationship is boring, demeaning and submissive.  The story is punctuated with an unending series of facials, manicures, boob jobs, and collagen injections.

Any chick with half a tailbone would have been out of there in a month.

She stayed seven years.

At 19, Jessica was hypnotized by Jose’s looks, money and lifestyle.  He gave her a charge card she could use as she wished.  He paid the bill when it came.

By 1999, she was experienced.  By then she had left Jose three times and come back.  She had married him and divorced him and was back living with him again.  She had one baby with him, a daughter named Josie, who is a 7th grader today.

Eventually, she found the path to enlightenment through books and education.  As she grew, Jose opposed her development in every way possible, as if a stupid partner is controllable and thus preferred.

Eventually, she did marry the right guy.  On June 23, 2007, she got hitched to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher at his Bel Air mansion.

There is not much baseball in this book.  Jessica was at the 1993 game when the Carlos Martinez fly ball bounced off Canseco’s head for a HR.  She mentions Jose’s free agent signings, trades and releases and the related moves to Boston, New York and California.  She describes how Scott Erickson asked if she was alright in a Florida parking lot after she and Jose had punched each other.  Kevin Kennedy comes up.  The baseball names are interspersed.  But the author is not a Baseball fan.

She’s a devotee to self-improvement.

Despite its tawdry nature, the book is a glimpse into the life of a modern, over paid, self-important Baseball hero.  It’s a good and fast read.

I won’t mention Jessica’s book tomorrow when I meet Jose at the Greater Boston Sports Collectors Convention

Trashy yet arresting, you cannot put it down.

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