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The Aaron Hernandez media circus

Posted by athomeatfenway on June 27, 2013

Rest in Peace, Odin Lloyd.

Rest in Peace, Odin Lloyd.

It’s rough out there today on the airwaves.  The media circus is doing a brisk business.

“I would rather be raped by a gang of Latin Kings than give up my coffee!”, quoth WEEI shockmeister, Gerry Callahan this morning in reference to the coffee-free penal culture in which Aaron Hernandez is now held.

As much as Gerry gets under my skin every time he leans against “the lazy”, against Larry Lucchino, or against Barack O’Bama, as much as I dislike his controlled aggression, even I do not want the Latin Kings taking him up on his suggested quid-pro-quo.

Careful, Gerry.

There was a somber moment today, possibly an accurate one, in which Attorney Harry L. Manion was on air and suggested that one year from today Hernandez would be represented by the Public Defender because he would be penniless.  Manion explained that legal costs will cause a cash-drain that could be accelerated by a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of the deceased, and further accelerated when the Patriots cut off scheduled payments of Hernandez’s guaranteed signing bonus, should such an action be legal under the present collective bargaining agreement.

The WEEI hosts thanked Manion for making us all smarter than we were before he came on the air.  But really, Manion’s appearance was all about continuing the shock effect of the 24/7 coverage.  It helps to paint the picture of a 23 year old man who couldn’t control his anger, killed a man and lost a fortune — quickly.  It’s a classic tragedy.  Tragedy boosts ratings, ratings sell radio advertisements.

Another of today’s media moments was positively prescient.  “He looked like he thought he had ended up where he would always end up, at his felony arraignment.”  That is what one WEEI caller, a man who had served 56 months himself, said Hernandez looked like when he was brought into court to face the charges.

Wow.  That former convict read the look on Aaron Hernandez’s face via TV and that is what he ascertained.  You could almost see what he was talking about.  If you think you can read minds.

Lastly, there was a caller who expressed his disgust that Aaron Hernandez was being partially excused for allegedly killing Odin Lloyd, excused because he is young, and because he lost his Dad at age 16.

I don’t get that.

As far as I can see, no one is making any excuses for Aaron Hernandez.  In fact, the media, talk radio specifically, already has him tried and convicted.

And maybe Hernandez is guilty.  The long list of leaked evidence indicates as much.  But it doesn’t serve a useful purpose for the media to make a spectacle of this tragedy. 

The terrible loss of Odin Lloyd, a child of God, is of great pain to his mother, Ursula Ward, and his father, and his sister, Olivia Thibou, and others.  The death of Odin need not be fodder for ratings sharks and a violence addled audience.

The death of a child or brother is a nightmare that never ends.  The memory of their laughter, the day they first tied their shoe, their first date, a graduation, the little things unbalance the mind and break the heart just when you have stopped thinking about them.

Rest in Peace Odin.  May God now hold your family in his hands.

Go Sox.

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