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Yankee Hell. Husky Limbo.

Posted by athomeatfenway on October 24, 2012

Injury to the future 1st ballot HOF’er foreshadowed decline.

Most days have their ups and downs.  But I knew Oct. 19 was going to be a good one.  It was the day after the Yankees were swept out of the ALCS.  Not only were they denied a single win in the C.S., they collectively batted .157 with 6 runs scores in 4 games.  They were pathetic and I love it.


NPR brightened my day as I shaved.  “The Detroit Tigers defeated the HAPLESS Yankees in the ALCS last night, winning the final game in a laugher, 8 – 1.”, said the on-air talent.


How much better can it get ?


A few hours later, Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio referred to the humiliating Yankee performance, calling out Cano .056, Chavez .000, A Rod .111 and Granderson .000 as leading failures.


Soon, Sarah Walsh was on ESPN saying, “If Alex Rodriguez was a Sprint Cup driver in Kansas City this weekend with his .111 batting average, he’d be getting lapped…and his $113 Million/5 year remaining contract would bring out the red flag.”


Then there were John Kruk and Barry Larkin, archived from last night’s Baseball Tonight, under a story headlined, YANKEES HUMILIATED.  The Krukster enumerated the failure, Yankee by Yankee.


Pinch me.


There is a certain pleasure in hearing this public criticism of the Empire.  The pleasure was taken to a deeper level as many others dissected the wholesale lapse by Yankee batters, pitchers, managers, and a $198 Million payroll.


Thank you, Baseball Gods.  27 Championships are quite enough.  Message to the Yankees & their minions:  Take the rest of this Century off.J




There are those who would condemn Jim Calhoun as a flesh trading, rule breaking, self-centered cheater.  Several weeks ago, I visited my dentist to have a tooth deconstructed as prep for a crown.  I like my dentist very much.  He’s an affable man, a devoted Dad, a hockey guy, and he spends 2 weeks every year in Haiti doing free dental work for the impoverished.  So what’s not to like, right?


Peter the Dentist hates Jim Calhoun.  He believes that Jim turned UConn athletics into a sham.  That the Coach is morally bankrupt and intoxicated with his success.  That Calhoun recruited bad kids, kids who never went to class, kids who are thugs, kids who made a joke out of the program.


Pete puffed up with all the venom he could muster and spewed. The novacaine took its effect on me while Pete’s face contorted and his body stiffened.


A trip to the Dentist can potentially be upsetting. This was a sure thing.  He made me miserable.  I could not believe I had to hear Peter put down Calhoun, a flawed human being (we are all flawed.), who on balance pulled off one of the greatest program building feats of all time.


In a year in which Fox News and MSNBC watchers attack O’Bama and Romney constantly, my ears are ringing from shrill complaints every day.  Everybody seems to have a soapbox and a loud opinion.


I lament that I had to take this trashing of a hero in my Dentist’s office, too. 


There is a lack of civility gaining momentum.  I’m weary of it.


I look forward to the upcoming UConn season, sans NCAA and Big East Tournaments for the Men.


Go Lady Huskies.


Go Ollie.


Go Sox.

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