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Youkilis on Target in Minny

Posted by athomeatfenway on July 5, 2012


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I just made my first trip to Minneapolis.  It was easy to get around and I liked what I found there.

The Light Rail into Minneapolis from the Airport could not have been better.  It took 30 minutes.  It cost $1.75.  It was safe and clean.  It deposited me 2 blocks from my hotel.  I made 2 new Baseball friends, both SABR members, on the train.

One of them, Don from Illinois, said he would join me at the 1:00 p.m. game between the Chi Sox and Twins at Target.  After checking in, we rallied in the lobby and walked to Target Field.

The Downtown Marriott City Center is ideal for a Twins excursion.  It is 3 blocks from the ballpark.  You can walk on the street or take the air conditioned Sky Walk to avoid the elements if you like.

The heat index was 106 degrees.  I should have taken the Skywalk.  Heatwave, baby.

We scalped $47 tickets for $30 each and sat 9 rows off the field, about 40 feet from Kevin Youkilis, the new Chicago first baseman.

I bellowed Youuuuuk several times. The 20-something guy in back of me responded with Youuuuk, You Suck ! .  When the guy yelled Go Back to Boston ! I replied with Come back anytime. We still love You !

Youk responded with 3 hits that day, including a CF/RF gapper for a double that failed to turn into a triple when the Kevin was tagged out at 3rd Base on Justin Morneau’s relay to Trevor Plouffe.  Youk went 3 –for-5 with 2 RBI, well on his way to what (to date) has been a .308, 2 HR, 10 RBI start in his first 10 games with the pale hose. 

The White Sox won 12 – 5.

Beautiful game.  Beautiful Park.

I attended a day and a night game that week.   I sat down low and up high.  The upper deck looks steep but when you sit in the highest row you don’t feel like you’re on a mountain top.  The view is great.  Leg room and cup holders are abundant.

Target has its share of premium seating.  It also has a large sweeping lower bowl which provides wonderful sightlines.  I have a weakness for the standing room rail in center and left, where you can set your beer on the bar and look over Denard Span’s shoulder.

I was introduced to Grain Belt brew at Target Field.  Brewed in North Minneapolis since 1933, the red amber lager was mighty tasty.  Not at all hoppy. Not too heavy.  Not too light.  D-E-E-L-I-C-I-0-O-U-S.

The regional menu was a hoot.  You can buy Pork Chop on a Stick, Walleye on a Stick, and deep fried Cheese Curds in the State Fair concession in centerfield.

The hired help was as pleasant and helpful as the food choices were unique. 

I’m glad I checked Target Field off my bucket list.  I enjoyed Miller Park more on this trip, though.  Target is as pretty as any of the new parks but there are no eccentricities.  It doesn’t have the character of Camden Yards or Anaheim, for instance.

Of course, as a devout Soxaholic, I recognize that the Baseball Gods did me a favor by dropping me into Minneapolis to witness a multi-hit game by one of my favorite baseball players of all time.

I wish Kevin a long and prosperous career.  May he bring a pennant to Chicago.

Go Sox.

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