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Baseball Roundup: Boring Sox, Rocking Nats & Farting in Church

Posted by athomeatfenway on June 15, 2012

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SIGN OF THE TIMES:  The Marlins put a e-blast out to ticket-alert customers about a 50% off ticket deal for the last game of the Red Sox series on June 13.  Not only do the Marlins’ bolstered roster and lovely new stadium not fill the stands, but the Red Sox, able to pull huge crowds everywhere for the last 7 or 8 years, don’t seem to sell too well there, either. 

BEWARE, YANKEE FANS.  The Bronx Butt Heads play a 3-game set at Nationals Park against the squad with the (almost) best record in Baseball.  The Nats are 38 – 23, a whisker below the Dodgers 40 – 24 status.  Hughes vs. Gonzalez.  Pettite vs. Zimmerman.  And Nova vs. Jackson.  GG, Zimmy and EJ have recently gone an average of 7 IP’s while allowing under 3 runs.  The Yankee bats had better not cool off or  Nats fans will be getting out their brooms on Sunday night.  Just like they did in Boston last week.


WINNER, WINNER, GET YOUR OWN DINNER.  Longtime Sox fan, co-worker, Johnny V., is not too excited about heading to Fenway this summer.  Johnny is a 50-something fan that cherishes his photo of Johnny Pesky, worships Yaz, Rice & Lynn, and himself batted .375 for Pittsfield High School.  Red Sox baseball is in his D.N.A..  But he sold his 4 tickets to the Sox-Yankees game in July.  Seems his family is not too interested in our Mediocre Sox, and thus, neither is he.  The Sox are not Winners anymore.  They are former Winners.  Feel the indifference.


THE PRIDE OF ITALY FARTS IN CHURCH.  (beat.)  Sorry.  I know how vulgar that sounds.  I wanted to write THE PRIDE OF ITALY SHITS THE BED.  Something like that…..something dramatic.  You get the idea.  Some to really punctuate how Gene Auriemma has tarnished his permanent record. 


My 82-year-old Italian father takes great pride in all of Geno’s accomplishments.  My Dad is from an era in which Italians trusted Italians, liked Italians, took great pride in the accomplishments of other Italians.  Recent news about alleged misconduct by Geno has raised many an old Italian eyebrow.


If you don’t know, a woman has filed a discrimination suit against the NBA.  In part, the suit accuses Geno of first asking the woman to bed, and subsequently demanding that she be penalized by the NBA because she rejected him. 


Of course, my Dad thinks the woman, Kelley Hardwick, is full of poop.  He thinks this is a money play.  However, if you read John Altavilla’s column today, you would know that Ms. Hardwick is not after a quick payday.  You can read the column here:


No, Ms. Hardwick is going after the female-hating NBA at large, and she is taking Geno down with the League to attract attention.  If she was just after the bucks, this would have been settled before it was made public.





COOPERSTOWN ON THE HORIZON.  In case you hadn’t heard, two fine players will be inducted on Sunday July 22 in the old village by the lake.  Barry Larkin, a National leaguer who I did not see play much, will be enshrined after earning 86% of the vote in his 3rd year of eligibility.  While I wasn’t watching he won 9 silver sluggers, 1 MVP, 3 Gold Gloves, was selected for 12 All Star Games, and posted .295 BA, 198 HR, 960 RBI with 379 SB over 19 years at shortstop with the Reds.  He might have won another 7 Gold Gloves had Ozzie Smith not locked them up through Larkin’s 7th year in the Bigs.


Another man about who I know little is being inducted, the venerated Ron Santo.  No Chicago icon is more beloved.  Beginning in 1960, he anchored the Cubs batting order and infield for 14 years.  Then, from 1980 to 2010, he came into Chicagoland homes 162 times per year as a Cubs broadcaster.


Were that constancy not enough to cement a place in the hearts of Midwesterners, Ron Santo’s contributions on the field laid the foundation of the job.  Ronny included a .277 BA, 342 HR, 1331 RBI, 5 Gold Gloves and 9 All Star Games appearances.


When Cub fans think of Santo, they could rightly remember him in 1964, when he fielded everything hit to third base, won his first Gold Glove, batted .313, poled 30 dingers, drove in 113 runs, hit 13 triples, 33 doubles, and led the NL in BB, Assists, Put Outs and Double Plays.


If you are within a 5 hour drive from Cooperstown do not miss this induction.  Make it to the great lawn with your accordion chairs and cocktails.  All 30 nationalities in the Baseball World will be gloriously present, but Cub nation is sure to be there in force to give Ron Santo the loving welcome he deserves.



Go Sox.

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