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Fenway Perfection: Dice K, a nap & Evil

Posted by athomeatfenway on June 11, 2012

It was the 744th consecutive sell-out, tying the Portland Trailblazers.  Ho-hum

The Mediocre Sox featured a 29 – 30 WL record.  Zzzzz.

The repurposed-player outfield consisted of Daniel Nava/LF, Darnell McDonald/CF, and Adrian Gonzalez/RF.  Snoooore.

Still, it was a special day because Daisuke Matsuzaka was making his first MLB start in over a year.

That is what got the crowd excited.  Asian kids in grandstand 2 held up Japanese pictographic signs, which no doubt offered words of support to the Interminable One.  They screamed for him as he began to run warm ups under sunny skies in front of the bullpens.

Last we saw of Daisuke, he yielded 7 BB and 5 hits in 4 1/3 IP’s to the Orioles on May 16, 2011.  The Sox beat Baltimore at Fenway that day, 8 – 7, coming back from a 6 – 0 deficit, capped by a 2 run double by Gonzalez.

The 5-16-11 wrap-up was all about the offense.  Nary a word was written about the pitcher who would soon be lost from the rotation.  Except for one thing:  Terry Francona did say that Dice K did not look like he was allowing his arm to become fully extended, and that was something about which he needed to speak with the pitcher to find out what was happening.

390 days later, he was back and not too shabby looking either.  He went 5 innings.  He K’d 5 of the first 9 he faced, 3 of them swinging.  The guy got 15 outs and 8 of them were strikeouts.  EIGHT !

That’s damn good.  And that little 3-run Washington rally in 4th was cheaply fueled by a BB, 2 singles and a ground rule double.

I was the Dude who in March said that Doubront would contribute this year.  So, hear me now and smell me later, as Hans and Fritz often said.  Matsuzaka will contribute much more than expected in 2012.  He’ll be a solid #5.  And uncharacteristically efficient.  Watch.


The sweet sunshine of June is upon us.  These are blessed days at Fenway Park.  Even the blaring of Celtic Rock through the P.A. system cannot strip away the bliss found in the 9th row of bleacher 43, with feet kicked back and cool breeze touching the tanning skin of our faces.

No half-assed nimrod bleacher creature fool was taunting the Nats’ 19-year-old rightfielder, Bryce Harper.  No leather lunged cretin was screaming Yankees Suck on this fine day.  No snake muscled hot dog vendor knelt for an extra long period of time before us, blocking our view at a critical moment.

For long stretches, I relaxed in my seat, my arm cuddled around Little Lee, the light of my life.  The curvey one.  We basked in the warmth of the sun and the mild mannered crowd.

It was, again I say, a divine day at Fenway.  Perfect to play.  Perfect to watch.  This is God’s blessing to the Nation.  The perfect little park on the perfect day.  Amen.

Somewhere around the 6th inning, I fell asleep sitting up.  I had been whisked away to dreamland by the gentle breezes and sunshine.  Then, abruptly, I felt something was near me, the heat of another creature.  I opened my eyes and there before me was the hand of my neighbor clutching two over-priced but ice cold bottles of water.  My snooze had monkey wrenched a retail transaction.  Little Lee had left my side to shop with daughter #3 and my sister.

I snapped out of it.  Passed the Bottles.  Passed the money back.  And I was back in the living world.

A good day at Fenway can include a little nap, too.


My brother , Ben quizzed two Nationals fans on the T out of town.  Ben was adorned in a non-descript soft fabric baseball cap, sans team logo.  The Nats boyz were decked in bright crimson Nationals jersey T’s.  They were polite and low key.  Were they taking the Nats 4-2 victory with humility, you ask ?  Oh, no.  Not at all.  They were wolves in sheep’s clothing, laying low and under the radar for their own safety.  Ben quizzed them until they admitted they were Yankee Fans.  Red Sox H-A-T-I-N-G Yankee fans.  They disguised themselves so they could root openly against the Sox inside Fenway without attracting special attention.  And worse.

The evil ones, as always, were present. 

Beware children of the Nation.

Go Sox.

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