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What’s it All About, Tito ?

Posted by athomeatfenway on September 29, 2011

Now that the season is over, I must ask, what has it all been about, Sox fans ?

Now that a little piece of our souls has been extinguished and placed in the tomb that was built by Aaron Boone, Mookie Wilson and Bucky Dent, I ask, what has this season really been about ?

It has been about Dustin Pedroia’s 25 game hitting streak.

And Pedey’s face on the cover of the Aug.  15 issue of Sports Illustrated.

And Pedey setting personal season highs in HR’s (21), triples (3), RBI (91), SB’s (26), BB’s (85) and OBP (.384).

And Adrian Gonzales’ league leading Hits (212) and fine .338 BA, 27 HR, and 117 RBI.

And Tim Wakefield’s 200th major league victory on Sept. 13.

And Jacoby Ellsbury’s 30 – 30 season, the first in Red Sox history and the 58th in MLB history.

And a 72W – 37L team record from May through August.

And a 18W – 35L team record in April & September.

And John Lackey’s $15,000,000 salary for a 6.41 ERA & 12 – 12 record.

And paying Andrew Miller $1 million to play in the Minors and stink like an old diaper in the Majors.

And Daniel Bard allowing 5 ER in 1 IP on Sept. 7; and 4 ER in 2/3 IP April 1; and 3 ER in 1/3 IP Aug. 1, and 3 other poor outings in September.

And Daniel Bard allowing ZERO ER in 24 consecutive appearances from July 1 to Aug. 31.

And Jon Lester laboring in three September starts.

Josh Reddick hot as a fire cracker in June, batting .407.

J.D. Drew, the $14 Million Dollar Man, getting NO Playing time from July 20 to Sept. 24 and nobody missing him.

David Ortiz, raising his BA 37 points, playing well in April, making fans forget about 2008 & 2009 with .309, 29, 96.

Losing Clay Buchholz to a spine stress fracture from June 16 to Sept. 27; Buch made only 14 starts.  

Being a perfect 77 – 0 when leading after 8 innings, until Sept. 28, when we blew it in the 9th in the one game we couldn’t afford to lose.

And Papelbon’s mostly excellent farewell tour, a prelude to free agency, registering 4W – 1L, 2.94 ERA and 31 saves.

The success of 29 year old Alfredo Aceves, who posted 10 – 2, 2.61, 2 saves in  55 games.  Bring him back, Theo.


The destruction of Dice K Matsuzaka.

The absence of Youk from Sept. 16 to 28.

It is about Joe Girardi not running Mo Rivera into the game to protect a 1 run lead against the Rays in game #162.

It’s about David Ortiz being interviewed at 11 p.m. on Sept. 28, whispering that this has been the most difficult thing he has ever been through in his playing career.

It’s about the offense disappearing one night, the bullpen getting shelled the next day, multiple errors the day after that, and the starter bursting into flames the day following.

It’s about all 4 of the above going bad at the same time.

It’s a doubt that the malaise hanging over the Sox can be dissipated in time to begin the 2012 season.

It’s about the Baseball Gods shuffling the deck at the last possible moment before dealing the cards, changing the seat assignments, blessing some & damning others, proving anything can happen in Our Game.

It’s about the all time ignominious list of Baseball Collapses.  The ’51 Dodgers.  The ’64 Phils.  The ’78 Red Sox.  The ’07 Mets.  And the 2011 Boston Red Sox.

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