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An Adrian Beltre Beantown Primer

Posted by athomeatfenway on January 12, 2010

Taking a Fenway cut in Seattle road grays

Checking out Adrian Beltre’s career to this point, he’s a vanilla guy.  No celebrity dating or nightclub fights.  He’s no Brad Penny.  That’s for sure.

But I did uncover a few curiosities.

Adrian is an Aries

Born on April 7, Adrian has the same birthday as John McGraw, but not the fire.  Adrian has the same birthday as Bobby Doerr, but not Bobby’s consistency.  Adrian has the same birthday as Jackie Chan, minus the sense of humor.  He’s not the prototypical energetic, adventurous Aries.

He’s kind of blah.  And strangely, he doesn’t have a nickname.  It was suggested in Seattle that he be nicked either “Christmas Hams” or “Captain Awesome”.

We should consider “Box of Chocolates”.

Adrian is Dominican Royalty

Felipe Alou remembers holding Adrian in his arms as a baby.  The Alou family is related by marriage to the Beltre tribe.  That’s very cool.

Cock Fighting is in Adrian’s Blood

The Alou and Beltre families share more than a passing interest in Cock Fighting, the blood sport in which wages are earned as opponents are locked in battle to the death, just like Major League Ball….oh….never mind.   Adrian’s Dad has bred many a champion.

Adrian has a Smart Agent

Maybe you’ve heard of Scott Boras.  Beltre was signed illegally at age 15 by The Dodgers.   Boras figured out how to play this little boo boo.  He blew the whistle in 1998, and thus did Bud Selig fine the Dodgers, shut down their Dominican BB Academy for a year, and order The Dodgers to pay Adrian $48,000.   Smart !

Adrian Patronizes Local Merchants

In 2001, A botched appendectomy performed in the Dominican Republic robbed Adrian of spring training and necessitated a second surgery to repair the damage.

Adrian loses focus.

In 2003, his Dodger team mates let it be known that they’d prefer Adrian be shipped to the Reds for Aaron Boone.  At the time, Adrian’s mates  didn’t think the 24-year-old was really trying.

Adrian takes risks

On. Aug. 12, 2009, The Mariners placed Beltre on the 15-day DL with a severely contused right testicle. The Teste became testy when a grounder off the bat of Alexei Ramirez hit him in the groin. Beltre does not wear a protective cup. Beltre returned to play on Sept. 1.  He batted .275 before the impact, and .221 for the month of September that followed.

Good thing he’s got a glove.

Without factoring in his superstar stats from 2004, Beltre projects in a full season to .263, 18, and 69.

He hasn’t come near his 2004 stats, before or after.  He soared in ‘04 to .334, 48, and 121.

The Mariners just paid Beltre $13 Million per year for 5 years to average .266, with 17 HR’s and 79 RBI.

Beltre’s 2009 OPS was a measly .683.

Although Adrian played in the AL for 5 years, his next Fenway HR will be his first.

He has a lifetime B.A. of .204 at Fenway Park.

The man has two Gold Gloves to help offset what might just be a disappointing offensive contribution in 2010.   I mean, if you are OK with.266, 17 and 79, well, you ought to be happy.   But the stats don’t point to great things for him in Fenway.

Adrian has the answers.

Fact is, you just never know how a player will respond to new surroundings.  He may focus so as to maximize his contract options one year from now.  But it is all up to him.  I wish him the best.  And I wish he’d wear a cup.

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