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I hope Tim Wakefield pitches until 2022

Posted by athomeatfenway on March 4, 2009

"Under Rated" is Wake's middle name.

"Under Rated" is Wake's middle name.

Some members of The Nation are already calling for Wakefield’s banishment from the rotation.


They have a complaint, simple and unqualified:  HE STINKS.  The charge is based on how badly he performs when he has a poor outing.


They have a point.   When Tim is bad, he’s really bad.  It’s hideous.


On balance, the good outweighs the bad, 4-to-1.


In 2008……….


Wake pitched 19 quality starts in 30 total starts.


By comparison, Dice-K had 20 quality starts in 29 total.

Lester had 21 quality starts in 33 total. 

Beckett:  18 quality in 27 total.


The #5 spot yielded 9 quality starts in 30 totals (Byrd,Buch & Colon.). 


Masterson also had 6-Q’s in 9 total.


In Wake’s 19 quality starts, his ERA was 1.99.  We lost 8 of those 19 goodies, 3 of them by 1 run.  With 3 big blow outs not counted, the Sox averaged less than 4 runs of scoring in 16 of Wake’s 19 quality starts.


In one extended streak of excellence from May 28 to July 12, Wake reeled off 9 consecutive quality starts.  That’s 4 more than any BoSox starter had in a row in ‘08.


So, Wake is right up there with Lester, Beckett & Matsuzaka.


“Under Rated” is his middle name.


But — he also had 5 horrific starts with a 17.54 ERA.  The Sox lost all 5 games by a combined score of 52-24.


OK, by comparison Beckett had 6 stinkers.  Lester sucked in 9 starts.  Matsuzaka was poor only twice.


5 stinkers isn’t so bad.  What upsets his detractors is a 17.54 ERA in stinkers.  When Wake was quaked, he was significantly worse than the other top starters when they were also poor.  But you have to look beyond that.  Look at the good.  Imagine where we would be without those 19 goodies.


Ed Cicotte may or may not have once said about the knuckleball, “You can’t make it do what it don’t want to do.”


This applies to Wake, also. When he doesn’t have it, he just doesn’t have it.   So let’s move on.


Wake’s poor outings should not obscure the fact that he is as solid as the Sox best starters, and sensational in longer stretches than the others.


I hope he pitches until he’s 55 years old.  I’ll take the good with the bad.


Wake is expected to register his 2,000 career strikeout this year.  It should happen around August 10, when the Tigers visit the Nation.


Let’s sell that one out, Soxaholics.


Wake:  He’s havin’ a career


W 178 – 157 L

4.32 ERA

400 career starts

141 career relief appearances

362 HR’s

1907 K’s

2699 Hits

2802 IP

1992: Sir Mix A-Lot & Right Said Fred singing somewhere

1992: Sir Mix A-Lot & Right Said Fred singing somewhere

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