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Red Sox Larry Lucchino bidding on Cubs ?

Posted by athomeatfenway on November 30, 2008

Larry would do a hell of a job for the Cubbies.

Larry would do a hell of a job for the Cubbies.


I had an opportunity to speak with the owner of a MLB club this morning — and was granted some insights into the hot stove league season that is upon us.


The A.L. East is terrified that the BoSox will land Mark Texieira.  The Sox hitters are a little older, a little worn, and would benefit tremendously from the addition of Texeira. 


With Texeira in the 4-spot behind David, you’ve got a bashing line-up with no rival in the League.  The concern over the potential damage an Ellsbury-Pedroia-Ortiz-Texeira top of the order would do is magnified by the awareness that the BoSox are hell bent on signing Texeira.  That’s the word.  Apparently, they are in it – all the way.


MLB owners recently asked Larry Lucchino straight up what the heck was going on with the rumors that he is involved with a group trying to purchase the Cubs.  This one seems to come straight out of left field, fellow Soxaholics.  But, who better than Lucchino to evaluate and harvest the rich fiduciary potential of a club that owns the hearts, minds and wallets of the vast mid-west and that has not won a Championship in 100 seasons ?   Lucchino-Henry-Werner pulled off an extraordinary monetization of New England’s BoSox affection.  Don’t be surprised if Larry is setting up an office on Waverly Avenue next year.


The Red Sox have become the least colorful team in MLB, and by colorful, yes, I mean racially.  How ironic that in the year that America proved that color will not be the criteria by which we pick our President, there is a suggestion that the Boston Red Sox have intentionally gone Caucasian.  Let’s see….Youk at first, Dustin at second, Jed at short, Mike at third, Bay in LF, Jacoby in center and Drew in RF, David at DH, with Tek behind the plate.  Not one African American.  And there’s not a lot of pigment present.  But — our D.H. is from the D.R..   Dustin is Italian-Portugese-Spanish.  Mike is of Cuban heritage.  Jacoby is Native American.  Hmmm.  We may not have any African American starters —  but we do have diversity.  Did I mention Youk is the best Jewish player in the game ?.


The free agent market changes.  What the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Cubs, Angels and Dodgers decide to do will effect everyone and everything with each and every change.  Why did Johann Santana go to the Mets for veritable peanuts last winter ?  Why indeed did this happen after the BoSox offered Jed Lowrie and Jon Lester to Twins GM Terry Ryan, who held out for more ?  Because in between the Yankees came out of the market for Santana, deciding to go with Kennedy and Hughes, their own young guns, instead of locking up the 2x Cy Young winner.  With the Yankees out of the bidding, the Sox didn’t need to play keep away —  and the Mets had an easy path.


Stay tuned my brothers and sisters.  Much swappin’ and signing to be done in December.



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