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Posted by athomeatfenway on July 31, 2008

Manny wants to be traded.  That’s what he says today, July 31, as of 12:50 PM EST.


Who knows what he’ll be saying @ 4:01 PM EST, when the trading deadline occurs.


Manny does not want the Sox to renew his contract for 2009.


Manny believes he can get a multi-year deal that will guarantee his employment from 2009 through 2012, when he turns 40.


Bottom line, Manny does not like being renewable on a year-by-year basis.


Manny wants the security & megabucks he believes he has coming.


With his fan popularity, national reputation, 500+ HR’s, history in three World Series, and incredible good looks, Manny suspects he’ll get an $80 Million 4-year contract. 


He’s misjudging his market value. 


He is 36. His offense is declining. His defense is fair. He has baggage.  He shoved to the ground down a 68-year-old employee.  He swung his fist inexplicably at Youkilis.  He took off games with lame excuses.  He took off games against tough pitchers.  He did not run out grounders. He talked trash about team ownership. 


He won’t get what he thinks he is worth.  But someone will pay his $60 Mill for 4 years.  $65 Mill —  tops.


The Sox should move quickly this afternoon.  First by tearing up his two option years and replacing it with a 4-year $65 Million contract with performance incentives.


Make it so that Manny can go from earning a base of $16.25 Million a year to total annual pay of $25 Million IF he plays in 150 games, bats .300, and gets 100 RBI annually.   Stagger it.  Be creative.


Manny has done much for Soxaholics. He has earned this.  He’s hit in the clutch.  He’s made David Ortiz more productive.


He is everyone’s favorite player.


At most — He is the entire show on some days.


At worse – he is a major player in this show.


And make no mistake  — this is show business.


Let’s overlook the fact he a spoiled flake.  The Nation and the Team have managed to be flexible with Manny over 8 years of this stuff.  Let’s be loyal.  Keep him in Boston where he belongs.





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