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Posted by athomeatfenway on November 10, 2007

Nobody barehands a ball and fires from Fenway’s 3rd Base Line better than Mike.  No one since Brooks Robinson.   No one hit in the 5-hole and protected Manny until Mike stepped in.  Nobody in the Sox Clubhouse brought a more balanced sense of self and team.  Nobody came through as often as Mike Lowell.  Lowell was the Sox Most Valuable  position player.  One can’t easily discount Big Papi as the perennial Sox MVP; he beats Lowell in every category but RBI.  But while David is watching tape and contemplating his next bedazzling fashion move, Mike is snagging liners and snapping off rocket-like throws.  He may have err’d in April & May, but he was a Gold Glover from June to October.  AND I AM GOING TO MISS HIM !   Place your 50 cents on Lowell leaving for a 4-year $60 Million contract elsewhere.  Ball Players are as human as you and I.  They’re just thinner and better coordinated.  Imagine yourself with a winning lottery ticket with two convertible options:  Would you really opt for the 3-year $45 Million over a guaranteed $60 Mill ?   Mike is as good as gone.   So get ready for Theo’s next big move:  Subtract Mike Lowell.  Move Youk to Third Base.  At first base place one 32-year old player with a lifetime .306 BA and 518 HR, a guy with 156 RBI, and 54 HR in 2007 with two recent gold gloves at the toughest position in baseball; a guy with Ortiz-like power to hit in the 5-hole.  What a lineup ! — Ellsbury leading off, followed by Pedroia, Ortiz, Manny, A-Rod, Youk, Tek, Drew & Lugo.  Can this lineup run ?  Can it score 900 Runs ?  Can it reduce the AL East competition to rubble ?  Can it make the A-Rod commemorative hand bag the hottest seller at Twins Enterprises on Yawkey Way ? Is your stomach turning ?   Yes, yes, yes, and yes !   Sorry guys & gals.  We’ve tolerated unspeakable pain in the past.  We will adjust.  Good Luck and God Bless, Mike Lowell.  Hello, A-Rod, in the parlance of pirate T-shirt around Fenway, Jeter no longer suck you in a way that calls your manhood into question.


  1. deirdre said

    I think you are predicting this one a tad too fast, Lowell is still negotiating with the Red Sox. Plus, I can’t take such a prediction all that seriously when justifying is the margin format the debater chooses, har, har. 😉

  2. redsoxtalk said

    I agree, I think Mike Lowell is packing his bags for NY as we speak.

    That lineup is something that would rock all of baseball, and who wouldn’t want to have that kind of firepower? Sure A-Rod is an upgrade over Lowell; he’s an upgrade over almost anybody in baseball at the plate. But I don’t think a $350M contract is the way to go. Even a 7-8 year, $250M deal is still very risky for the Sox, IMO. I would limit my offer to A-Rod to 7/210, then say thank you and walk away.

    Has A-Rod said anything about playing first base? I don’t think he’d like that one bit; he still considers himself able to play shortstop well, though many scouts would disagree.

  3. deirdre said

    *shakes headm stubbornly* Yankees will be forced to trade to get a 3rd baseman … watch.

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