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Posted by athomeatfenway on November 1, 2007

CURT BELONGS IN BOSTON UNTIL HE HANGS IT UP.  He’s a member of the family.  His efforts were historic.  He’s John Wayne.  He’s Tom Seaver.  He’s a Kennedy.  He’s a corner nibblin’, strike throwin’, smooth talkin’ guy in a bloody sock who is always ready with 500 well chosen words.  He’s Jimmy Doolittle sneaking into Tokyo shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He is Harrison Ford’s brainy Professor Jones with a bullwhip handle protruding from his briefcase.  He’s cranial, anal, bold, ballsy, and he backs up his words with action.  He’s also turning 41 this month.  He’s also a shell of his former self in throwing ability.   But there’s a chance he could be an effective 4th starter next year and notch up to 12 wins, although he probably won’t ever start 25 games in a season again.    Father Time is a beezer and the Curt Man will only be pitching as long as his connective tissues are not inflamed.   He’s going somewhere next year where he’ll start, post an ERA around 4.00, almost never issue a walk, and average 5.0 IP per outing.  He’ll make a difference where ever he goes.  He’ll take the heat off his teammates.  He’ll donate his heart and resources to the community.  He’ll teach young pitchers  to study and execute.  He’ll make that team better.  If God is a baseball fan, he might just send Schill to the Cubs, a team that may begin a turnaround as soon as Sam Zell & Tribune sell the team to owners that have a clue.   And then Schill can be Tom Seaver when with Boston in ”86, who helped get those young Sox get to a Series before he lost it suddenly, career over.   Then again, if God is a baseball fan, perhaps her heart will be with the 16,000,000 members of the Nation who want Curt to stay home and foster the development of kids named DelCarmon, Buchholz, Lester, and Papelbon.  Count me among those 16,000,000.  He’s a member of the family.  I want him to stay, but if he goes, I wish him well, and will keep my eye on him.  He may leave us, but he will never be far from our hearts.


  1. techy66 said

    I would like to thank Curt Schilling for being an inspiration to the team and to Red Sox Nation. Also, I would like to thank his family for sharing Curt over the last few years. I know it must be very hard for them to share a great man such as Curt.
    Thank you from all Red Sox Naiton.

  2. jillsmom said

    Curt, I am a relevently new baseball fan, however I watched you do your magic back in the 2004 series and ofcourse, this latest championship. I am so hoping that Boston gives you your one year deal. It just seems fitting that you should end your career with the team you helped regain respect, and top billing. Good Luck and God Bless, but man, I hope your with us next year…..

  3. polly38capecod said

    Hi Curt –

    Thanks for sharing the 2003 letter with us – and thanks for sharing yourself and your family. Please stay….what will my husband and I do with 4 of your shirts? Our pastor encouraged us to wear our RedSox gear to mass on Sunday – look what happened!!! Again, please stay….I don’t think that your work here is through.

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